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15. Oktober 2015
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Guadagnare soldi semplicemente facendo riferimento ai tuoi utenti e clienti al sito Austrian Airlines e ricevendo una commissione è secondo i vostri gusti e suoni appello a voi?Partecipate al programma di affiliazione di Austrian Airlines!

Produkte und Provisionen

Provision ∅ Warenkorb ∅ Stornorate


Get on board of our Affiliate Program!

Together with you we want to keep and further develop our leading position as an Airline in Central and East Europe. Our success can be your success – “The charming way to fly”!

Austrian Airlines has a tight airline network with focus on flights to both Central and Eastern Europe and to the near- East. In addition we offer flights to North America and Asia. We guarantee a flight- transfer in Vienna with an average transfer time of only 25 min and offer lounges to relax and rest. Your Users can enjoy the Do & Co catering in both Economy and Business Class.

Condition Austrian Airlines Affiliate Program:

1,5 % on the net fare. (Only on flight bookings)

++ This autumn: New flexible fare system ++

This autumn Austrian Airlines will introduce its new fare system in the European flight traffic that guarantees more choices and custom-made bookings.

Fare overview

The “Light“ category is the favorable one for passengers who only travel with hand luggage and who do not need to change their bookings. This category was adjusted to the current needs and travel habits of the passengers.

The “Classic” and the “Flex” category include benefits like free luggage or seat reservation whilst the booking. Additionally it is the perfect category for Users who need flexibility in case of changing plans.

The “Business” category includes all amenities and maximum flexibility. Your Users enjoy the Do & CO Menu and get treated with the Priority Service on the airport. This category offers maximum comfort and stunning service on the ground and in the air.

++ This autumn: New flexible fare system ++

Facts & Figures

Come on board with Austrian Airlines.

Our domestic airport of Vienna, at the very heart of Europe, provides the perfect basis for an East-West hub. Austrian Airlines is an ever-reliable partner, whether you are travelling on business or taking that well-earned holiday. You enjoy our outstanding service and the Austrian hospitality that is instantly recognizable around the world. The personal, attentive care offered by our staff is with you throughout your journey – as we like to say, “The charming way to fly”.

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