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Willkommen bei Bergzeit UK

Bergzeit brings the mountains to life by providing expert advice, inspiration and outdoor equipment. With 22 years of experience, the Bergzeit online shop offers you a wide range of products extending across sports climbing via Ferrata, mountain biking, outdoor trekking, backcountry skiing, ski touring, bouldering, etc. a whole lot more for all your outdoor adventures. At Bergzeit, you'll find over 500 well-known outdoor brands.

Our team of outdoor specialists are happy to share their knowledge and expertise with you and provide the latest product updates, reviews and buyer's guides on a wide range of outdoor gear and mountain sports, as well as detailed explanations of materials.

Authentic reports and features tell of experiences and adventures on the doorstep and at the other end of the world. Mountaineering involving glacial crossings, alpine climbing on sheer rock faces or a trek across a deserted stretch of island beach - Bergzeit presents the most exciting and beautiful places on earth to its users.

Bergzeit offers its customers:

- Large selection of well-known outdoor brands
- Large selection of equipment for many sports
- Know-how of 300 mountaineers
- Payment methods: PayPal, credit card
- 100 days money-back guarantee
- Free shipping and return (to UK, Germany, Austria from £50 order value up to 31.5kg, to Switzerland from 100 CHF)
- Service hotline for customers Mon - Fri from 9 am - 5 pm

Your benefits as a Bergzeit partner:

- Attractive discount on the net shopping basket:
- Standard: 8% or 3% with voucher redemption
- Premium: 10% or 3% when redeeming vouchers (for high-quality content partners - after consultation)
- Bargain partners: 3%
- Regular promotions for end customers and affiliates
- 30 days cookie period
- High-performance advertising material in various formats
- Daily updated product lists
- Rapid sales comparison
- Individual support from your sunnysales affiliate team

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06. Oktober 2021
11. Januar 2022
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