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13. Mai 2014


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 Gladskin: a revolutionary breakthrough for people with skin problems and irritations

Billions of bacteria live on our skin. The vast majority is essential for a healthy skin but some bacteria can cause or aggravate skin problems, such as rosacea, acne, eczema and skin irritation. Gladskin is the world's only product targeting just the unwanted bacteria. It marks a new era in the control of skin problems. 85% of our users experience an improvement of skin problems and skin irritations!

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Gladskin a product of Micreos Human Health

Micreos is a biotechnological company, pioneer and market leader in the development of antibacterial phage technology. We are a people-oriented business and develop our products on the basis of a thorough knowledge of our customers' problems. Building on from innovative scientific research Micreos has already introduced various FDA-approved and award-winning products. We collaborate with reputable scientific institutes and universities. Much of our scientific work is published.


The products of Gladskin are medical devices. All marketing texts and creatives must first be approved by us.

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