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Internationale Telefonanrufe per Handy
16. März 2011
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Gutes internationales Angebot für die globalisierte Welt. Anrufe nach Asien, Afrika, Amerika etc. ab 1ct/min. Für einzelne Länder sind auch zweistellige Cent-Beträge nötig. Der erste 5 Minuten-Anruf ist frei. Website und Partnerprogramm sind in englischer Sprache. Die Provision für jeden Neukunden ist sehr lukrativ.

Produkte und Provisionen

Provision ∅ Warenkorb ∅ Stornorate
20,00 - 30,00 € n.a. n.a.


What is Rebtel?
Rebtel is an international provider of low cost telephony. Without installing any
additional software, Rebtel users can use their existing mobile phones and/or
landlines to save up to 98% on their long distance and international calls.

How does Rebtel work?
1. Sign up for an account at
2. The caller adds the telephone numbers to his or her
international contacts and receives a local number for each
added contact from Rebtel.
3. The new telephone numbers can be saved and used to call at
Rebtel’s cheap international rates without the need of
application downloads or 3G/WiFi access!

Customer benefits with Rebtel
1. Price: Save up to 98% on your international calls
2. Quality: Outstanding call quality to all countries
3. Simplicity: No apps, No PIN codes, No SIM cards, No 3G/WiFi needed

>>Try the service<< yourself with a 5 minute free call anywhere in the
world, the free call is also a great feature for promoting Rebtel!

Marketing collateral
Localized banners & landing pages
All marketing material is available in English, French, Spanish and Swedish with localized rates and offers

Copy/paste editorial content
Articles & content you can easily incorporate on your site

Voucher codes
Possibility for top performing publishers to receive unique voucher codes with additional offers

Publisher commission
Rebtel pays all media partners on a “Cost Per Action” (CPA) basis. The “action
paid for” is defined as an activated account. This occurs when a new user has loaded an account with the equivalent of $10.

Commission Structure
Default (0-20 sales) 20 EUR pps
Premium 1 (21-40 sales) 25 EUR pps
Premium 3 (+40 sales) 30 EUR pps

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