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Brasilianische Flüge
16. Oktober 2012
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Die Airline fliegt nach und innerhalb von Südamerika. Die Provision liegt unter dem Branchenschnitt, vor allem nach und innerhalb von Brasilien. Die Werbemittel sind zahlreich und konzentrieren sich sehr werbewirksam auf einzelne Flugrouten mit Preisangaben.

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1,00 - 1,50 % n.a. n.a.


TAM ( operates flights to 42 destinations in Brazil and 19 in Latin America, the United States and Europe. Through agreements with domestic and foreign companies, it reaches 92 Brazilian airports and 92 international destinations, including Asia.

The company was founded in 1976 with a commitment to delight the customer by offering differentiated services of high quality at competitive prices. It is the leader of the Brazilian domestic market, with market share of 38.7% (2012, May). It also holds the lead among Brazilian companies that operate routes to the outside, with 91.7% of the market in May. With the largest fleet of passenger aircraft in the country (159 aircraft).

The loyalty program TAM Fidelity, with over 9 million members, has awarded more than 18 million tickets redeemed with frequent flyer points and is part of the Multiplus Program.

TAM is a member of Star Alliance, a network that covers 1,356 destinations in 193 countries. Since June 27, 2012, the company is part of the holding company LATAM Airlines Group SA, a result of the association with LAN Airlines SA. This combination creates one of the largest airline route network in the world, offering transport services to passengers about 150 destinations in 22 countries, and cargo services to approximately 169 destinations in 27 countries, with a fleet of 312 aircraft.

This program only accept International traffic.

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