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13. August 2013
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Since 1846, Vlisco has been creating unique textiles that influence the fashion landscape in West and Central Africa. Today, Vlisco is an International brand with a rich heritage and a large market in the U.S., Europe and Africa.

Vlisco is still the only brand creating authentic Dutch wax fabrics and is recognised for the unique designs, colours and wax effects, which combine to create this inspiring fashion statement. In fact, every centimetre of fabric is unique due to the special wax process, which originates from batik techniques.

Vlisco’s core products are Wax, recognisable by the layering of colour and design;  Super-wax, which uses a finer quality cotton, has 2 core colours and a marbled pattern; Java,  which reflects Vlisco’s Indonesion relations of times gone by, has finer, more detailed prints.

Vlisco – the true original.


  •     7% affiliate commission
  •     Official dealer (manufacturer)
  •     Target group in Europe, USA and Africa
  •     Only brand creating authentic Dutch wax fabrics
  •     Worldwide shipping
  •     Fast delivery
  •     VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, iDeal
  •     14 days return period

Cash Back

It is not permitted to provide a reward (in money or points) for orders placed on It is also not permitted to realise own purchases through affiliate marketing, these purchases will be rejected.

E-mail marketing

It is not permitted to provide rewards (in cash or loyalty points) for visiting and other domain pages.

Discount (code) sites

It is not permitted to promote Vlisco on discount code websites. This includes sites that promote discounts, deals and offers.

Search engine marketing

It is not permitted to promote Vlisco through search engine advertising (including Google Adwords) and/or to advertise on the brand names (or misspellings of the names) Vlisco, Woodin, GTP and Uniwax.


Typosquatting is not permitted. It is not permitted to use domain names that only slightly differ from the company names Vlisco, Woodin, GTP or Uniwax as an affiliate URL, sending through visitors to

Other conditions

It is not permitted to frame the website in another website using an affiliate URL. This is only permitted if a "noindex, follow" tag is used in the header of the page on which the frame is located. A consumer should always take steps to end up on the framed page (e.g. by clicking on a link).
It is not permitted to promote affiliate links of the Vlisco campaigns directly through social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or 2nd hand sites (e.g. Marktplaats, Ebay, etc.). It is, of course, possible to promote the affiliate website through these channels.

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