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Blezi Cosmetics
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Willkommen bei Blezi Cosmetics

Blèzi Cosmetics is a Dutch family-owned company that prides itself in manufacturing high-level makeup and skincare products. All products are developed by founder Miranda Hazenberg with utmost care, for people and for the environment.

With her passion for beautiful active ingredients and pigments, she started developing clean cosmetics. In this process it is of high importance that every product she develops can be applied easily and quickly, even if someone is not familiar with using skin care products or makeup. Equally important is that every product is long lasting. The innovative formulas and the user-friendly packaging are a result of this approach.

The target audience: no-nonsense and active/sporty women aged 21 to 65 who want quality cosmetics that are easy and quickly to apply, that makes them feel beautiful all day long.

Why choose the Blèzi affiliate program? Blèzi products do not only do what they promise. They do more. This is the reason why customers keep using it and Blèzi keeps attracting new customers. In addition, Miranda and her team are ready to provide clients with expert, no-obligation and personal advice on skin care and make-up.

The advantages of the Blèzi affiliate program:
- Good converting webshop
- Free shipping from € 50,-
- High (incremental) compensation
- Blèzi products are only available online through our own web shop and are therefore not available in stores.
- Fast with reviewing and paying out commissions
- Possibility to obtain incentives
- A fun collaboration for good and creative content
- Exclusive actions and promotions are possible

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