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21. März 2018
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Interaction Design DE

Who we are
The Interaction Design Foundation (IDF) is the leading online course platform for courses in Digital Design, User Experience (UX), and Web Design. The IDF helps people build a career they love and gain industry-recognized Course Certificates for the courses we offer. In addition to 30 online courses, the IDF also has local groups in 452 groups in 89 countries.
Why join the IDF affiliate program?
The Interaction Design Foundation is the most trusted online course platform for digital design. Companies like IBM, SAP, Adobe, Accenture and universities such as MIT, Stanford, Imperial College London use our materials.

Our courses cover the full spectrum of digital design: User Experience (UX), Web Design, Design Thinking, Usability,
Our courses help members advance their careers, like getting a new job or a pay raise. Optimized for conversions
We are fanatics when it comes to conversion optimization in order to increase conversions and profitability for our affiliates. Our 30 courses cover a wide range of design-related topics, thereby offering courses for a large audience. We are ideal for a broad audience interested in technology, web design and user experience (UX).

A range of Unique Selling Points

1. First class course content across the full spectrum of digital design
2. Online, self-paced courses
3. A low pricing strategy that highlights learning as a long-term journey
4. The ability to connect both online and face-to-face with our vast international community of designers
5. A comprehensive library of free-to-use, downloadable templates
6. Online courses that you will actually complete – we make learning addictive
7. Learning applied to your current business challenges – as opposed to “textbook examples”
8. One-to-one mentoring from senior designers

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