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Willkommen bei paragon-software.com

Paragon Software Group has been providing cost effective solutions for hard drive management, storage management and backup & recovery scenarios since its inception. Known internationally for its innovative Paragon NTFS for Mac, Paragon Partition Manager and Paragon Backup & Recovery we provide proven, full featured solutions for storage lifecycle management.

More than 200 IT professionals are employed by Paragon Software in the USA, Germany, Russia, Poland and Japan. We develop innovative premium software products, technologies and services based on the needs of our customers.

Unconditional commission from 8% to 50% depending on the sold software product Get 50% commission, valid for your first sale already – there is no minimum sales you need to make!
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Our affiliate team will be there for you: affiliate@paragon-software.com

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27. Juli 2016
05. März 2021
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Please do not bid or position a corporate paid search on trademarked terms like "Paragon", "Paragon Hard Disk Manager" etc.

Seriöser Anbieter für Festplatten- & Speichermanagement, Backup & Recovery Software. Bis zu 50% Provision.

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