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AND SHINE Affiliate Programme

Reasons to promote AND SHINE

AND SHINE, part of goodlifescience GmbH, began as a passion to create products that are proven by science to improve skin, health and wellbeing. But it continues as a mission. A mission to use science and its impact to change our life for the better. And to ensure that real results are accessible to everyone, and never harmful. Ever. Everyone’s concerns about health are valid, and everyone of us deserves equal access to treatments that make us healthier and happier. Be it in cosmetic, pharma or medical. This is why we’ve spent years working with leading innovators in science and technology to develop unique and powerful microstructure technology to deliver key ingredients to the areas in your face that need it the most. We’re starting with AND SHINE. But our mission doesn’t stop here.

Say hi to us, and join our mission on Instagram, at @andshineofficial

Join us for...

Generous commission plus discounts to boost sales.
High conversion rates and growing volumes of sales each month.
Newcomer scientific cosmetic Brand, backed by L'Oréal, eager to grow online.
Regular updates to the program with news and latest offers by email.
Dynamically updated feeds to keep you constantly up to date.
Reactive account manager to assist with all of your queries.
Premium Skincare Brand

We offer our exclusive brand AND SHINE. The brand is also available on the top premium cosmetic retailers, among others DOUGLAS, SEPHORA, Breuninger, Ludwig Beck, Flaconi, Basler Beauty, and Alsterhaus of KaDeWe Group.

Our Patches

THE YOUTH PATCH: Reduce expression lines and perfect your skin overnight with AND SHINE Micro Structure Patches.

Pure hyaluronic acid and naturally derived peptides melt directly into your skin, for a hydrated, youthful and glowing complexion. Each patch consists of 670 self-dissolving micro cones of powerful active ingredients that diffuse into the epidermis to target crow's feet, nasolabial fold and frown lines.

Active ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid: naturally plumps your skin for a youthful glow. Cross-Linked Hyaluronic Acid: hyper hydrates and locks in moisture. Peptide Argireline® (AHP-8), also known as a topical alternative to Botulinum Toxin (Botox): reduces wrinkles, increases smoothness and inhibits the creation of new lines. How to apply:

Cleanse your skin and dry completely. Careful to avoid touching the microstructure, peel the white stickers from the borders of one patch. Apply the patch with the microstructure facing the skin on the area that needs a little extra attention, especially crow's feet, nasolabial fold and frown lines. Press the patch softly onto your skin for 2-3 minutes, to activate the microstructure of active ingredients. Repeat process with the second patch. Leave on for at least 4 hours or overnight. The next day, carefully peel off the patches, rise AND SHINE.

New innovative launches in Q1 2020 - Stay tuned!

Average order value of 45€.


30 Days
Commission Rates

Competitive commission structure.
Goods returned within the 30 day returns period will not receive a commission payment. A commission is paid excluding VAT and P&P on the final transaction amount after all discounts have been applied. We are happy to consider offering private commissions and rewards for the right level of exposure. If you feel this is of interest please contact us. CONTACT US:
If you would like to discuss placements of promotions, please reach out to Andy Reschke or Greta Schindler

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