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02. Dezember 2019


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Provision ∅ Warenkorb ∅ Stornorate
40,00 % n.a. n.a.


SEMrush’s affiliate program -

Key program features:
* Free to join
* 40% recurring commission
* First click attribute (meaning the first click is what gets the cookie)
* 10-year cookie life
* Payout twice a month by PayPal or Wire Transfer
* Promo materials for a total in 9 languages - banners, links, widgets, special offers *BeRush support team
*Additional earning Opportunity is to participate in Monthly Contest - create relevant content about SEMRush and win prize money along with a repost of the content on BeRush social networks.
*Different types of partnership: Technical partner (API access), Agency partner, Affiliate partner (bloggers, influencers, PPC, etc.), Educational partner (courses, Universities, etc.).

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