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Creed Global

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Willkommen bei Creed Global

Creed has created a legacy of unrivalled scents treasured by perfume connoisseurs and all admirers of quality, style and panache. Over the centuries, the Creed family has produced over 200 perfumes all testifying to a unique creative spirit that has been passed, together with a keen inherited nose, from father to son through seven generations.

A timeless, modern act of creation: perfume of the past, fragrance of the future.

Why join our programme?
As a member of our affiliate programme, you can enjoy many benefits. If you want to discuss further opportunities, please reach out to us!

-Eligibility for commission on sales originating on your site within 30 days
-Exclusive offers and promotions for your audience
-Competitive pricing for customers with added value through savings and gifts
-Real time reporting and sales tracking through the affiliate interface
-Mobile optimized site so affiliate sales will track through mobile.
-Regular affiliate newsletter with updated promotions for your site

Commission Groups
Default - 6%
New Customer - 8%
Existing Customer - 6%

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26. März 2021
06. April 2021
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1) Welches Tracking bietet das Partnerprogramm an?

Das Partnerprogramm von Creed Global bietet Cookie-Tracking an.

2) Welche Provision wird gezahlt?

Das Partnerprogramm von Creed Global zahlt seinen Affiliates eine Pay per Sale-Provision bis zu 8.00 %.

4) Bietet das Partnerprogramm Suchmaschinenmarketing an?

Suchmaschinenmarketing ist bei dem Partnerprogramm von Creed Global erlaubt

6) Welche Werbemittel bietet das Partnerprogramm an?

Das Partnerprogramm von Creed Global bietet folgende Werbemittel an:

7) Bei welchen Netzwerken ist das Partnerprogramm gelistet?

Du kannst Dich für das Partnerprogramm von Creed Global bei folgenden Netzwerken anmelden: Awin