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Escape Tours is the new city game that is conquering Europe. With this interactive game, tourists and residents alike can discover their favourite city in Europe in a fun and totally different way. With more than 30 cities in Europe, there is an Escape Tour available in every major European city.

Because the process from booking to playing the game is fully automated, there is no need for an instructor on site. This allows your visitors to start the game whenever they like. That is the key feature of Escape Tours! Partly because of this, the Escape Tour can be perfectly combined with a day trip, city trip or holiday in the Netherlands or Europe.

An Escape Tour is played in groups of 2-5 people. With an Escape Tour, participants wander through the city using our app in search of 'the secret passage'. Each game has its own storyline with a famous historical figure from this city in the lead role. The participants can find the secret passage if they solve all the riddles, complete assignments, take nice augmented-reality photos and of course are able to decipher all the cryptic clues.

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09. April 2021
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