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Willkommen bei lampoo

Lampoo is the ultimate destination for highly-curated pre-loved luxury fashion.

Secondhand fashion has been steadily gaining market share, and is already worth several billion dollars. Lampoo can offer its publishing partners the opportunity to tap into the fastest growing fashion segment and make sure they do not miss the radical change in consumers’ purchasing behavior, which is shifting towards more sustainable models like circular fashion. Besides being able to offer extremely high-ticket products from brands such as Hermes, Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

Founded in 2019, Lampoo it's the only online platform dedicated to pre-owned luxury goods that can deliver a shopping experience comparable to the most renowned fashion e-commerce sites.

Products are showcased with high-quality pictures and comprehensive descriptions, which make us an exception in the second hand market. Our experts inspect all the items to ensure authenticity, the right condition grading and fair market prices. All goods listed are in our warehouse ready to be shipped, same day if the order arrives by 2pm. Returns are always guaranteed and free of charge within European Countries.

This results in a far higher buyer conversion rate compared to the peer-to-peer platforms, which cannot compete with this level of service.

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31. März 2020
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