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Lincoln Mencare

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Willkommen bei Lincoln Mencare

A new man routine to feel clean and confident everyday. Natural and effective, just how it should be.

Result driven formulas made in our small scale production in Hamburg. A small team of researchers and entrepreneurs with the goal to build a new gold standard of man grooming routine.

Lincoln is a golden standard, a basis for self expression. Our natural products will give you the confidence to be yourself. We tackle the major common needs man have in a routine. Because oily faces, weak dirty hair, frizzy beard and fading tattoos are good for nothing but to bring yourself down.

We believe that no man will go from washing his face with the hand soap bar to a complete routine box. Thus, all our products can be used both independently and in sequence. Everybody should first see results without completely changing routine all of a sudden. Self expression takes time and we are there for that too. Starting changing one habit, the rest will follow.

Why Join our Programme?
-Lincoln Mencare is a 100% natural and vegan beauty, cosmetic & personal care brand, designed and produced in the heart of Hamburg, by an international, culturally diverse team.
-Competitive pricing for customers with added value through savings and gifts
-Great track record for repeat sales
-Free delivery on all orders across Europe
-30 day cookie length
-Exclusive discounts and promotions for our affiliates
-Regular affiliate newsletter with updated promotions for your site
-Standard Commission Rates

6% flat - we can be flexible with offering CPAi

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10. Februar 2021
19. Februar 2021
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