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Willkommen bei, the international website of merchandise with over 100.000 products on stock and over 3.800 available brands, joins to Zanox and makes you earn up to 12% on sales made!

MerchandisingPlaza is the mecca for every fan, created to satisfy the wishes of any fan of sports, music, movies, and leisure time, where they can purchase any kind of product 24/7.

Why should you affiliate to MerchandisingPlaza? Discover the benefits!

The MerchandisingPlaza affiliate program on Zanox is easy, quick and free, and lets you earn up to 12% commission on each sale made through your website.

Do you have a website about Music, Sports, Movies o Cartoons?
Do you have a fans community website?
Give your visitors the coolest products!

By choosing between the various graphics and feed catalogue with over 100.000 products on stock, you shall smarten up yor website with an unique stock of products for sports, music, movies, cartoons, tv and the most popular tv series

With over 3.800 available brands, you shall give your visitors the coolest products of their favourite team or band, cartoons or tv series they like most.
Moreover, MerchandisingPlaza gives you the best banners, periodically updated with new arrivals and the latest exclusive offers.

How much will you earn?

With MerchandisingPlaza the most you sell the most you earn. We recognize and reward our partners as follows:

General Segment – 10%
Silver Segment – 11%
Gold Segment – 12%

Start earning right now!

MerchandisingPlaza, paradise for fans!

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07. September 2018
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MerchandisingPlaza is the international website of merchandise with over 100.000 products on stock and over 3.800 available brands. On MerchandisingPlaza you can find merchandise for Sports, Music, Cartoons, Tv, Movies and much more.

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