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Protect your files effortlessly - Encrypt 2 GB for free today.

NordLocker supports all file types Create lockers — your digital safes — and protect your data from hackers. Add any file. No one can open your locker or know what's inside without your permission.

Keep your files anywhere you like
After you encrypt files on your computer, you can transfer them anywhere you like. Like your favorite cloud provider. Or a removable drive. Or keep them on your computer. No matter where your files go, the locker protects them.

Share securely
Need to transfer confidential data to a partner or a client? Give them access to the encrypted file and send it through email, messenger apps, upload to the cloud, or choose any other service – any way is safe when your files are secured by NordLocker.

Get assistance from experts
Our customer care team is always ready to assist you. Get in touch directly or go through our Help Center to find answers to frequently asked questions. Our Premium users get 24/7 support and enjoy the first-in-line priority for email inquiries.

Protect and share files securely. Get 2 GB of free encryption.

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06. August 2021
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Welches Tracking bietet das Partnerprogramm an?

Das Partnerprogramm von NordLocker bietet Cookie-Tracking an.

Welche Provision wird gezahlt?

Das Partnerprogramm von NordLocker zahlt seinen Affiliates eine Pay per Lead-Provision bis zu 5.00 €.

Bietet das Partnerprogramm Suchmaschinenmarketing an?

Suchmaschinenmarketing ist bei dem Partnerprogramm von NordLocker erlaubt

Welche Werbemittel bietet das Partnerprogramm an?

Das Partnerprogramm von NordLocker bietet folgende Werbemittel an: Banner, Textlinks, Deeplinks

Bei welchen Netzwerken ist das Partnerprogramm gelistet?

Du kannst Dich für das Partnerprogramm von NordLocker bei folgenden Netzwerken anmelden: Adyoco

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