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Style, authenticity, freedom of expression, quality and functionality are the key values underpinning the Ray-Ban philosophy, for generations the undisputed world leader in sunglasses and vision eyewear.
Ray-Ban began production in 1937 with the Aviator model designed for the American Air Force and subsequently used throughout World War II, and became part of the Luxottica brand portfolio in 1999.
Ray-Ban, always synonymous with high quality lenses and materials, are the sunglasses par excellence. They are by far the most widely sold in the world, due to their style and unique design, and, today, more than ever, they are loved and worn by countless celebrities from the film world and by international trendsetters.

Sunglasses from Ray-Ban are icons that represent over 70 years of authenticity and style. From Aviator to Wayfarer, the Ray-Ban sunglasses were worn by cultural leaders, from Hollywood to the world of music. Now with Ray-Ban Remix you can create your own custom sunglasses, choosing the colors of the frame and lenses and a text that will be engraved on the temple. You can also choose and engrave your case.Try the combinations available and create your own custom Ray-Ban, or personalize your Ray-Ban starting from those we have created for you. You can choose between the following models: Erika, Justin, Aviator, New Wayfarer and Wayfarer.

Make the most of RayBan:

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  • World Leader in sunglasses and vision eyewear;
  • Exclusive promotions.

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