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Willkommen bei ROOTTATTOO


It is the idea that “there should be a brand for every fashion-conscious human which they can 100% identify with”; an idea that sparked from the lack of such brand to identify with and led to creating one – ROOTTATTOO.

So whether it be ripped shirts, boxed fit hoodies, knitwear, cargo pants or flannel shirts –all designs have been exclusively developed by brand founder Eugen Lods. It is due to the studied graphic designer’s never-ending thirst for knowledge that led him to teach himself everything about textile production, fabrics and patterns. This one-man-show, as he calls it, has been a recipe for success since the foundation of the brand in 2009.

Back in 2012, classic movie posters, sheer fascination for the Hollywood myth and the laid- back LA vibe inspired the design of the first pieces of ROOTTATTOO, a streetwear brand focussed on the ink scene.

Ultimately, the lack of individuality, aesthetic and love for detail in the sea of Ed Hardy clothing and plain vanilla Merch sparked the urge in founder Eugen to design a clothing line especially inked, fashion-conscious, urban young grown-ups could identify with.

What started as a niche quickly gained popularity also among those who do not have tattoos themselves but love and understand the brand’s vibe.

And while quality and fit remained top priorities since the brand’s birth exactly 10 years ago, ROOTTATTOO experienced a rebirth with its RESET DROP in 2016 – a shifted concept more towards contemporary streetwear apparel, with extraordinary attention to a perfect vintage look washing and highest wearing comfort.

Our mission is for each partner to make excellent commissions working with us while creating brand awareness and sales. Win, win.

We offer:

- Generous Commission on new and return customer sales

We’re particularly interested in:

- Social Media Influencers - Bloggers - Vloggers - Creators - Fashion Editorials & Press

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06. September 2021
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