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21. Februar 2018
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Voidu is an upcoming eCommerce platform which sells CD-keys. Voidu opened its doors online in Jan 2017. The focus of the first part of the year was the technical aspect and functionality of the website. Around August/September Voidu started to undertake marketing actions to increase its traffic and userbase. All keys come directly from official distributors via an API and are therefore directly from the game publishers themselves.

When promoting Voidu, we are able to pay up to 5% commission over the total basket value of every successful transaction. If we see that a partnership is going well, we can increase the commission up to 10 or even 15%. We can also create custom discount codes, giveaways connected to your platform/website and create custom graphics all per request. We also deliver a clear list of products through a customized linked XML productfeed if needed. Publisher FAQ
Benefits of becoming a Voidu Affiliate:
- 5% earned on total basket value
- Average order value of €20
- Commission earned on every completed transaction
- Clear list of products
- Products updated daily to ensure lowest price possible
- Custom discount code (on request)

Keywords policy: The policy for keywords is that there are no limitations to use any brand and brand + generic keywords. Although, we must get a full list of keywords that are wished to be used so this won't result in a bidding conflict.

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