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Willkommen bei westwing.de

Welcome to the Westwing DE affiliate programme!

By joining, you will be promoting Westwing’s range of exclusive offers and Home&Living products . We are currently set up to run affiliate marketing in Germany, Italy, Spain and Poland, and will eventually be launching in additional countries. We aim to partner and work strategically with an array of affiliates to mainly quire new customers for our website and convert them. We look forward to reviewing your application and aim to get you on boarded as soon as possible. Join us in this journey today!

There are a number of reasons why you should join the Westwing DE affiliate programme: • Affiliate with the European leader in inspiration-based eCommerce in Home & Living. • Exceptional Quality Brands daily on sale – In addition to partnering with international and local brands, we also sell our own label and private label products. • Advanced Website, with a huge daily traffic.
• Category level commission rates up to 5%
• Average order value + 100€
• 30 Day Cookie Period – Get paid for the first sales made by a visitor from affiliate sites during the 30 days post click period
• Monthly validations - ensures prompt affiliate payment
• 30 day free returns period – Send your item back to us completely free of charge for a refund
• Customer Payment Options –Debit Card, Credit Card, EC, and PayPal

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03. Februar 2021
04. Februar 2021
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Suchmaschinenmarketing, insbesondere Google Adwords und Yahoo Search oder Facebook Ads darf nur nach schriftlicher Bestätigung von Westwing durchgeführt werden.

Live-Shopping-System für Möbel mit bis zu 70% Ersparnis, die vorrangig auf den Werbemitteln beworben wird. Die Leadvergütung ist in Ordnung.

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Welches Tracking bietet das Partnerprogramm an?

Das Partnerprogramm von westwing.de bietet Cookie-Tracking, Postview-Tracking an.

Welche Provision wird gezahlt?

Das Partnerprogramm von westwing.de zahlt seinen Affiliates eine Pay per Sale-Provision bis zu 5.00 %.

Bietet das Partnerprogramm Suchmaschinenmarketing an?

Suchmaschinenmarketing ist bei dem Partnerprogramm von westwing.de nicht erlaubt

Welche Werbemittel bietet das Partnerprogramm an?

Das Partnerprogramm von westwing.de bietet folgende Werbemittel an: Banner, Textlinks, Newsletter-Vorlage, Deeplinks, Logos

Bei welchen Netzwerken ist das Partnerprogramm gelistet?

Du kannst Dich für das Partnerprogramm von westwing.de bei folgenden Netzwerken anmelden: Awin

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