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04. Juli 2018
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Produkte und Provisionen

Produkt Provision ∅ Warenkorb ∅ Stornorate
Disney Hotel Deluxe 8,00 % n.a. n.a.
Disney Hotel Moderate 6,00 % n.a. n.a.
Disney Hotel Value 4,50 % n.a. n.a.
Disney Nature Resorts 4,50 % n.a. n.a.
Partner Hotels 1,00 % n.a. n.a.
Tickets 3,50 % n.a. n.a.
Annual Pass 3,50 % n.a. n.a.
FastPass 3,50 % n.a. n.a.
Shows 3,50 % n.a. n.a.
Events 6,00 % n.a. n.a.


Disneyland Paris is Europe’s #1 tourist destination with more than 320 million visits since its opening and the 5th largest hotel complex in France. It incorporates two theme parks, Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios, seven Disney-themed hotels and a range of dining and entertainment options. The Resort also features the Disney Village entertainment and shopping complex and Golf Disneyland, a 27-hole golf course.

The resort is a magical place where dreams come true! Fairytales take flight across incredible lands filled with iconic attractions, spectacular shows and street parades. It’s the only place where guests can live Disney, Star Wars or Marvel adventures and meet their favorite Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and friends, Disney Princesses, Star Wars characters, or the famous Marvel Super Heroes.

Your advantages as a Disneyland Paris affiliate at a glance:

• Attractive commissions from 3,5% to 8% according to the product sold (Ticket, Annual Pass, Hotel, etc., please find the detail in TradeDoubler)
• 30 days cookie lifetime
• Campaigns with effective advertising materials (dynamic banners, videos, emailing, etc.)
• Hot and fresh topics around Disneyland Paris to share on your websites and social media
• Short approval time of sales
• Reliable partner with personal support

* Commission Restriction for Cashback, Charity, Closed user group and Loyalty sites: capped to 2,5% for ticket sales and 4,5% for packages

A highlight of the Disneyland Resort Paris program: one of industries’ first mover by offering a poly attribution based commission model for a fair remuneration!
An algorithm determines for each sale the weight of an involved channel.

Step 1: Calculation of the Performance rate
For each funnel path, the algorithm calculates your performance rate, which means it determines the capacity of a channel to influence the sale depending on its position.

Step 2: Calculation of the Opportunism rate
For each funnel path, the algorithm calculates your opportunism rate, which means it identifies channels which are truly influencing the consumer compared to those which capture an already existing demand.

Step 3: Calculation of the Score
For each funnel path, the algorithm multiples your performance rate by your opportunism rate, which results to a score. The score determines your weight on a sale and your level of contribution to a sale.

If you have questions regarding the affiliate program, please do not hesitate to contact the Disneyland Paris affiliate team.

Best Regards,
Your Disneyland Paris affiliate team
Vitalij Lowski, Timo Wiering & Marijke Siewert

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