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Gameforge is one of the leading publishers of massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) worldwide, with a portfolio of over 20 free-to-play titles and over 450 million registered users. Become a part of our success story and advertise our games. For every newly won player we offer up to threefold commission.

Here’s how it works:

Under the slogan “Play the world”, Gameforge wows millions of players every single day. Gamers have a wide range of prize-winning client and browser-based games to choose from, available in up to 50 languages. Take a look at our commission model:


Advertising Gameforge games pays dividends. Earn up to three times for each new player via a CPA (Cost Per Action) for each COI registration (confirmed opt-in), a CPA for a new paying user and revenue sharing for 12 months.

CPA for a COI registration: You’ll receive a fixed amount when a new player registers via your website and confirms their account. The latter involves a confirmation link sent to the player’s email address.

CPA for a new paying user: You’ll receive a fixed amount when the new player pays for something in the game for the first time.

Revenue sharing: You’ll receive a share of the transactions made by the new player during a 12-month period. The tariffs for in-game currencies range from €1.99 to €99.00. The average paying player plays for twelve months – and you can be earning the entire time.

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Multiplayer Games
14. August 2014
31. Januar 2020
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Die Plattform bietet über 20 Gratisspiele mit über 450 Millionen Spielern an. Die Mixprovision aus Registrierung und bezahlten Inhalten liegt im üblichen Bereich. Es gibt über 2000 hochwertige Werbemittel für die unterschiedlichen Games.

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