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For 30 years GOLFINO has stood for elegant and stylish sports clothing and accessories that meet the highest quality standards. The GOLFINO online store always gives you a good overview of the latest product range. You'll find everything for a perfect golfing outfit, from our classic Basics range to our innovative functional collection. The large selection of polo shirts, golf trousers, jackets, golf waistcoats and shirts can be suitably accessorized with a colorful visor, gloves or belt. You can order in just a few clicks and the goods are delivered to your home. A particular favorite in the GOLFINO online store is the offer of the week with various past season items available at heavily reduced prices. So it's always worth checking out what unbeatable offers are on sale. Sign up for our GOLFINO newsletter and we'll regularly tell you about the latest golf fashion and our current promotions.

The GOLFINO Basics range features clean lines and silhouettes in the latest colors: from sportily cut golf trousers in blue to trendy golf skirts in pink. Golf clothing with an integrated UV filter is also recommended for additional protection from the sun for long rounds on the golf course. GOLFINO's golf fashion is timeless, elegant and a real must-have on the green.
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26. Juli 2017
03. September 2021
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