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BENEFIT 1. High-quality products

Most of our products are reviewed and highly recommended by famous gaming/review/news websites, such as,,, etc.

BENEFIT 2. Industry-leading bonus

Bonuses: You earn a commission based on the sales you generate:

Our default commission rate is 7% for a single sale; The higher commission rate based on the further partnership with GTRACING, contact us and we will assess your performance. BENEFIT 3. First-class conversion rate

We have a first-class e-commerce conversion rate (5 times higher on average than competitors) as we are a trusted brand with thousands of positive user online reviews.

BENEFIT 4. Digital Remarketing Strategy

We have spent heavily on digital remarketing advertisements by targeting visitors with our remarketing campaigns, reminding them to purchase even after they've left our site, which helps you significantly in closing the deal.

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08. September 2021
08. September 2021
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Welches Tracking bietet das Partnerprogramm an?

Das Partnerprogramm von GTRacing bietet Cookie-Tracking an.

Welche Provision wird gezahlt?

Das Partnerprogramm von GTRacing zahlt seinen Affiliates eine Pay per Sale-Provision bis zu 7.00 %.

Bietet das Partnerprogramm Suchmaschinenmarketing an?

Suchmaschinenmarketing ist bei dem Partnerprogramm von GTRacing erlaubt

Welche Werbemittel bietet das Partnerprogramm an?

Das Partnerprogramm von GTRacing bietet folgende Werbemittel an: Banner, Textlinks, Deeplinks

Bei welchen Netzwerken ist das Partnerprogramm gelistet?

Du kannst Dich für das Partnerprogramm von GTRacing bei folgenden Netzwerken anmelden: Webgains Deutschland

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