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NextLove was founded in 2013 to provide the perfect resource for single and divorced parents, and those who want to meet them, to find and create lasting and satisfying relationships.

NextLove connects likeminded people searching for lasting and satisfying relationships and understands that online dating after a long-term relationship can be nerve racking. To ease jitters, NextLove has a team of cyber security professionals and administrators monitoring the site to ensure a completely secure browsing experience.

Nextlove is available for the Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands and Belgium. Customers joining any other product will automatically be reported under the appropriate offer. GEO Landers.

The CPA transaction wil be confirmed as soon as the visitor makes the first purchase. Targeting advice is on men.

Men have fewer functionalities and the conversion for this will therefore be many times higher.

Women are also reimbursed, but they get more functionalities/free offers.

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26. März 2021
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1) Welches Tracking bietet das Partnerprogramm an?

Das Partnerprogramm von NextLove bietet Cookie-Tracking an.

2) Welche Provision wird gezahlt?

Das Partnerprogramm von NextLove zahlt seinen Affiliates eine Pay per Sale-Provision bis zu 60.00 €.

4) Bietet das Partnerprogramm Suchmaschinenmarketing an?

Suchmaschinenmarketing ist bei dem Partnerprogramm von NextLove eingeschränkt erlaubt

6) Welche Werbemittel bietet das Partnerprogramm an?

Das Partnerprogramm von NextLove bietet folgende Werbemittel an:

7) Bei welchen Netzwerken ist das Partnerprogramm gelistet?

Du kannst Dich für das Partnerprogramm von NextLove bei folgenden Netzwerken anmelden: Daisycon

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